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Work Visa

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Canada attracts foreign applicants to fill its job positions by means of work visa permit.

For applicants desiring to work on temporary basis, they need to have work permit/offer of employment from a Canadian employer. A Canadian work permit is issued on one condition that applicants only work for the specific employer who is sponsoring them. This agreement takes its effect upon consideration between the sponsor & Labor Market Opinion (LMO) in Canada.

A work permit states job title, name of employer & duration of work along with terms and conditions of an immigrant stay and work in Canada. Also the spouse can be eligible to have open work permit with their children able to attend primary & secondary school.

Open Work Permit

This program attracts International Students to study in Canada with open work permit that has no general employment restrictions & works in cases where no job offer is required.

Applicants can apply for open work permit from within or outside Canada or even at the Canadian port of entry.

Open Work Permit Requirement

For Foreign Students

  • Foreign students graduated in Post/secondary Canadian institution are eligible for 3 years work permit without any job offer at the time while filing application.
  • Foreign students graduated in public Post/secondary Canadian educational institution or private Post secondary educational institution that is 50% funded by the government.
  • Foreign students need to apply for open work permit within 90 days of receiving confirmation from their respective educational institutions as per program requirement.
  • Completed study program must be for a duration of minimum 2 years or over than 8 months.
  • Foreign applicants must have valid study permit for Canada.

For Spouse / Common Law Partner

  • Spouse must have valid study permit to study full time diploma/degree or post graduation course in Canada.
  • Spouse must be part of a valid Canadian fellowship program or holder of valid work permit.
  • Spouse work permit will be valid for the same duration as of main applicant’s work permit.

Jobs Requiring No Work Permit

  • Civil Aviation Management / Aviation Accident Inspectors
  • Convention Organizers / crew
  • Emergency Care people
  • Examiners / Invigilators / Evaluators
  • Foreign Government Dignitaries / Representatives / Officers / Judge
  • Family Members of Foreign Diplomats
  • Health Care Representatives
  • Referee / Athlete / Coaches, etc.
  • Military personnel
  • News /Press Reporters / Filmmaker / support crew
  • Performing Artists / support staff
  • Public Speakers
  • Priest / Clergy members

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