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Visitor Visa

南岩移民 加拿大移民专家|各类签证、移民、入籍快速审理

Canada welcomes millions of non-immigrants as visitors/tourists each year apart from individuals applying to work study & settle.

Visitors for Canada need to apply for Temporary Resident Visa (TRV).

Validity of visitor visa is 6 months & can be extended as necessitated.

Some countries have been visa-exempted by Canada for those intending to travel by air. But need electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) to come here.

Following countries require visa to come to Canada by any mode of travel (air, sea, land).

Afghanistan Guatemala Pakistan
Albania Guinea Palau
Algeria Guinea-Bissau Palestinian Authority
Angola Guyana Panama
Antigua and Barbuda Haiti Paraguay
Argentina Honduras Peru
Armenia India Philippines
Azerbaijan Indonesia Qatar
Bahrain Iran Romania
Bangladesh Iraq Russia
Belarus Israel Rwanda
Belize Ivory Coast Sao Tomé e Principe
Benin Jamaica Saudi Arabia
Bhutan Jordan Senegal
Bolivia Kazakhstan Serbia
Bosnia-Herzegovina Kenya Seychelles
Botswana Kiribati Sierra Leone
Brazil Korea, North Somalia
Burkina Faso Kosovo South Africa
Burma (Myanmar) Kuwait South Sudan
Burundi Kyrgyzstan Sri Lanka
Cambodia Laos St. Kitts and Nevis
Cameroon, Republic of Lebanon St. Lucia
Cape Verde Lesotho St. Vincent & the Grenadines (St. Vincent)
Central African Republic Liberia Sudan
Chad Libya Surinam
China, People’s Republic of Macao Special Administrative Region Swaziland
Colombia Macedonia Syria
Comoros Madagascar Taiwan
Democratic Republic of Congo Malawi Tajikistan
Republic of Congo Malaysia Tanzania
Republic of Costa Rica Maldives Islands Thailand
Cuba Mali Togo
Djibouti Marshall Islands Tonga
Dominica Mauritania Trinidad and Tobago
Dominican Republic Mauritius Tunisia
East Timor Micronesia, Fed. States Turkey
Ecuador Moldova Turkmenistan
Egypt Mongolia Tuvalu
El Salvador Montenegro Uganda
Equatorial Guinea Morocco Ukraine
Eritrea Mozambique Uruguay
Ethiopia Namibia Uzbekistan
Fiji Nauru Vanuatu
Gabon Nepal Venezuela
Gambia Nicaragua Vietnam
Georgia Niger Yemen
Ghana Nigeria Zambia
Grenada Oman Zimbabwe



  • Valid separate passport, photographs.
  • Nationality/citizenship IDs.
  • Invitation letter/purpose of visit.
  • Proof of funds/financial statement.
  • Medical examination to see no serious health problems associated.
  • Zero criminal record that may prevent an applicant’s visit.
  • Detailed itinerary_ proof of air ticket, hotel booking, stay period, return ticket & etc.
  • Promise to immigration officer to get back home after visa expiry.

Type of Visa

  • Single Entry Visa _ for single entry of visitor, valid for 6 months.
  • Multiple Entry Visa _ valid for 10 years & allows visitor to stay for 6 months in a year.
  • Transit Visa (no charge) _ for visitors just passing through Canada to travel to another country. Visitor stay period in Canada is 48 hours.

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