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PNP Visa Program

The provincial nominee system (PNP Visa program) of Canada allows applicants to settle and work in a particular territory they choose according to a program provinces have established with the Government of Canada to nominate immigrants wanting to settle in respective domain.

General Requirement

Job Offer – Applicant must have a valid job offer from a Canadian company based in desired province. Also applicants can show nomination certificate from a close relative living there.

Approval from Provincial Government – The job offer must be respectively approved by concerned provincial government. As applicants are evaluated by province requirements they need to fully prove/state reason over their desired interest to reside & work in that place.

Application for Permanent Residency – After receiving a nomination certificate from concerned province, applicants can forward another application to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) to avail PR.

Features of PNP

  • Makes quicker access to Canadian immigration.
  • No point based system involved as in case of express entry.
  • Immigrants receive government approved subsidy in health care, free of cost education & other social benefits.
  • Immigrants have the option to further work/study or make investments in business.
  • Immigrant benefits are same as of express entry visa holder.
  • Permanent residence visa holders can apply for Canadian nationality via this program.

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