H&C Applications

H&C Applications

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Humanitarian and Compassionate (H & C) term applies to people who did not qualify under any of Canada’s immigration programs.

H & C is not an alternative to avail Permanent Residency. Example: An applicant excluded from immigration due to his/her medical condition or immigrant’s children who got excluded from the PR process are eligible to apply through here.

Also the Humanitarian ground is separate compared to the case of refugees. But people rejected under refugee program are eligible to apply on compassionate basis.


  • Foreign nationals temporarily living in Canada.
  • Foreign nationals facing undeserved hardships, troubles back at their home country.
  • Visa is sponsored by a permanent resident or Canadian citizen having good support (financially, etc.) for the applicant.
  • Have relationship with sponsor for more than 2 years but must not have relations like that of spouse or common-law partner, live-in etc. Also no children must be evolved from common relationships.
  • Have some Property/Savings in Canada.
  • Part of some voluntary work.
  • Medical Test.
  • Police clearance.

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